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AirProTech UVC-LED System Specifications

  1. WAVE LENGTH                                                                  280nm
  2. LED UV Power                                                                  70 watts
  3. Radian Flux                                                                     2200mW
  4. Input Voltage                                        120-277,347v & 480v
  5. Power Factor                                                                               0.9
  6. Total Harmonic Distortion.                                         < 10%
  7. Frequency                                                                             50/60
  8. Light Beam Angle.                                                              130º
  9. Operating Temp. Range  40º C to 60ºC (-40ºF to 140ºF)
  10. Application                                  Disinfectant & Sterilization
  11. Electrical Certification                                                           ETL
  12. Connection Type                                                  Quick connect
  13. Surge Protection                                                           6KV/6KV
  14. IP Rating                                                                                    IP65
  15. Compliance                                                                                 FDA


BlueMarble uses the best, most reliable and powerful LEDs in the AirProTech UVC-LED air duct fixtures. The solid-state fixtures are engineered to be environmentally friendly with “plug and play” 100% recyclable parts that can easily be refurbished. They are rugged, long-lasting and maintenance-free throughout their lifecycle. They are backed by a rigorous suite of environmental and mechanical stress tests, including mechanical shock, vibration, temperature cycling and humidity. The AirProTech UVC-LED fixtures are designed for use in the most demanding, high-power applications. The commercial AirProTech UVC-LED air duct fixtures provide 2200 mW of radiant flux at 280nm per 70-watt fixture — enough power to eradicate all indoor airborne pathogens including the COVID-19 virus, cold and flu virus, fungi, mold, allergens, bacteria, and more.

Thermal Management

Utilizing BlueMarble’s thermal management technology, the AirProTech UVC-LED air duct fixtures with extremely low thermal resistance minimize the temperature of the LEDs to ensure an exceptionally long life at peak performance throughout the fixture’s lifespan.