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F.I.X. Lighting Maintenance Services 

A Division of JORSTACO Ltd

Smart Lighting Controls, IoT, Automation, Asset Management, Solar

Our team can install intelligent management systems allowing you to monitor and control your lighting both on-site and remotely. By leveraging sensors, networking and data collection, we can improve the efficiency and lower the cost of your operations with IoT.

Solutions that help cities, utilities and businesses and residences increase the sustainability and safety of critical services such as lighting and urban mobility, as well as the quality of life of citizens and clients.

Demonstrating benefits and key components of wireless smart lighting solutions, value proposition of Wireless Mesh, as well as new streams of urban asset management solutions

Our portfolio of connected lighting solutions goes beyond controlling light to solving higher complexity problems; enabled by sensing and communication capabilities within the light fixture itself. Our IoT solutions provide valuable, real-time data and powerful technology integrations that increases building, business and community operating efficiency.

We recognize the need to adapt, and as a result- thrive. As technology has evolved and merged with lighting solutions we have evolved as well in order meet the demands of the market. Lighting controls along with Internet connected devices means the future is here.